Care-giving 101: Medicare Basics Every Caregiver Needs To Know!

Being a caregiver for a senior loved one can be a challenging and often times overwhelming task. It can get difficult to navigate through all the needs of a senior family member due to the time it takes, the effort and resources it requires. However, knowing your way about the Medicare plans can save you a lot of time and resources as a caregiver.

Going Over The Medicare Basics

The Medicare program consists of different parts, each of them catering to a different set of services and benefits providing medical cost coverage. As a federally-run program, the Medicare program has two primary parts, called Part A and Part B that make up the Original Medicare plan which cover hospital insurance and doctor services. Part C and D comprise of the Medical Advantage and prescription drug coverage, respectively.

The Right Age To Apply For Medicare Benefits

Enrollment into a Medicare program is automatic for seniors who are eligible for receiving Social Security benefits at the age of 65. If your senior loved one has not yet started receiving their Social Security benefits yet, they may have to visit the office three months prior to their 65th birthday to start off the process and enlist themselves into the program.

It is imperative that the deadlines be monitored precisely as a failure to enroll into the program at the right age can result in having to pay a 10% increase in the annual premium that is to be paid for Medicare coverage.

Are There Legal Aspects Caregivers Need to Keep in Mind?

When you are helping a senior loved one enroll into the Medicare program, the healthcare professionals of the loved one will need to be involved in the process, so that your loved one can get a Medicare program that’s best suited for their needs.

The healthcare providers may in turn ask you to provide proof that your senior loved one has given you the permission to discuss and disclose their personal health information with you, the caregiver. If you or your loved one is yet unaware of the legal procedures of applying for Medicare through a caregiver, now may be a good time to start the dialogue with them to ensure you understand all their legal needs as well as their plans for the future.

Getting Started

Once you have the authorization to make legal and/or financial decisions for your senior loved ones, have an in-depth conversation with them as well as their doctor and clear out any misconceptions. Topics to discuss should ideally include their medical history, health screenings, prescriptions as well as ongoing treatments. Keep in mind, that the more information you have at this point, the better equipped you will be to helping out your loved one reduce costs and find a Medicare program that gives them the maximum possible coverage.

Need Help With More?

Consulting a licensed healthcare insurance agent can help you in several ways. First, they can guide you through to figuring out the best Medicare plan for your senior loved one, saving you plenty of time and effort. Second, they are equipped to deal with the legal technicalities of Medicare programs and how the legal procedure for applying on the behalf of a care receiver works.

Seniors for Medicare is one such healthcare insurance agency that helps seniors in New York and New Jersey find the best Medicare plans for their healthcare coverage. With a plethora of helpful resources available on their website as well as a team of seasoned Medicare advisors New York, Seniors for Medicare is set out to address all the queries that caregivers may have for their loved one’s healthcare insurance.

Reach out to Seniors for Medicare at 800-276-1753 to get in touch with a licensed agent today.

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