Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare is a form of health insurance that is guaranteed by the Social Security benefits once people turn 65 years old. It is a collection of health insurance schemes that offer coverage for various illnesses.

The most basic form of Medicare, also called Original Medicare includes coverage for hospital visits and outpatient services such as clinical visits. Senior citizens can choose to sign up for other Medicare services that will extend coverage for drugs and sometimes emergency ambulatory services.

Every year people enrolled in Medicare are required to pay a premium and some plans also involve copayments or coinsurance. Medicare covers a certain percentage of your health service bills while you have to pay the remaining amount. It is also possible to get coverage for copayments through Medicare Supplement Plans.

Only doctors who are enrolled in Medicare can accept Medicare assignments. Medicare assignments are the costs assigned by Medicare for specific medical procedures. If your doctor is enrolled in Medicare, then they are bound by law to charge Medicare approved amounts for any services they deliver.

To find out whether your doctor accepts Medicare assignments you should contact them personally or call Seniors For Medicare to find out which doctors take Medicare assignments in your locality

Medicare Part A is a mandatory part of original Medicare. It is the Medicare part that extends coverage for in-patient services. These include:

  • Hospital Care
  • Medical Care in a Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Inpatient Care from  a Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Medical Care from Hospices
  • Home Health Care

There is nothing beyond these types of services that Medicare Part A offers coverage for. There may be changes that you can make to your policy. Consult with Seniors For Medicare for any changes you would like to make your Medicare policy or for an in-depth consultancy on the full extent of the coverage offered by Medicare Part A.

There is no extra money you have to pay for Part A coverage as long as you and your spouse have no outstanding tax payments.

Medicare Part B offers coverage for out-patient services and in-patient mental healthcare.  Medicare Part B is the second part of Original Medicare that forms the complete coverage package by Original Medicare. To be specific, Medicare Part B offers coverage for:

  • Research for clinical Purposes
  • Charges for ambulance services
  • Coverage for Medical Equipment
  • Mental Outpatient/Inpatient healthcare.
  • A limited list of drugs.

The standard premium that you have to pay for Part B coverage is $134 per year and a 20% deductible on all your medical expenses. So you will have to pay 20% of your entire medical bills and Medicare will handle the remaining 80%.

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans are offered by private insurance providers who have contracted with Medicare. Most Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for expenses that the original Medicare (Parts A and B) cover and also offer coverage for Dental and Vision.

The added advantage of Part C is that they extend coverage for healthcare services that are not covered by original Medicare. These include coverage with health maintenance organizations, going to your preferred physicians and pharmaceutical drugs not covered in original Medicare. These are just a few of the services that Part C covers, for more information get in touch with Seniors For Medicare consultants for detailed information on the coverage offered by various Medicare health plans.

Medicare Part D is a coverage plan specifically designed for drug coverage. It offers people coverage for self administered drugs with average premium payments of $33.19, based on National Surveys. There is also a deductible amount that is determined by your prescription expenses, income and marital status.
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