How To Choose Coverage

How To Choose Coverage

When choosing or changing your health insurance coverage, you need to consider the following:

The Cost of Premium

Each health insurance plan has its own premium. Health insurance plans that cover a large variety of services such as vision care, dental care, screenings for cancer and specialist doctor services will cost sufficiently higher.

The goal should be to find an insurance plan with affordable premiums and maximum coverage.

If you do suffer from complex conditions, you may need to search for health insurance that covers costs specific to your illness.

Health Insurance Coverage

Private health insurance companies provide greater coverage than Medicare. Bear in mind that the premiums for private insurance may be higher than Medicare. You may need more than one health insurance provider.

Prescription Drugs

Those suffering from severe conditions rely on expensive prescription drugs which may or may not be covered by health insurance plans. If you have ongoing prescriptions then make sure that is covered by your insurance provider.

Doctor and hospital choice

Doctors and hospitals partner with specific health insurance providers. Find a health insurance provider partnered with your hospital or doctor of choice.

Quality of care

Cheaper insurance plans may not provide the same quality of care as more expensive insurance plans.


Certain health insurance plans are only available in specific states. If you travel back and forth between different states, make sure your health insurance is available in those areas.

If you require further help, feel free to contact 800.276.1753 to connect with a licensed agent that can assist you accordingly.

You can even use the help of the official Medicare hotline by calling (1-800-633-4227).

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