Maryland Medicare Plans

In Maryland residents have several different options for Medicare plans to choose from. There are many different insurance carriers with various premium rates, offering Standardized Medicare supplement plans such as Plan F, Plan G or Plan N. In MD when enrolling in a standardized Medicare supplement plan during your open enrollment period into Medicare, you do have guaranteed issue rights. So during this period, you are not required to answer health questions. But after your Part B of Medicare goes effective for 6 months, you no longer maintain the guarantee issue rights to enroll in a Medicare supplement plan. This means after that after this period you will be fully underwritten (Asked qualifying health questions). During your open enrollment or first time going into Medicare it is an important decision to make when selecting a Medicare plan.

When selecting a Medicare Advantage plan with Part D prescription drug coverage in Maryland, there are different options to choose from. You can choose an HMO plan that has in network benefits only. You can choose a PPO plan with out of network benefits. Certain Medicare Advantage plans may have a $0 monthly premium. There also Medicare Advantage plans that have a monthly premium. This depends on your service area where available. You must be enrolled in Part A and Part B and also continue to pay your Part B premium to qualify. The different Medicare Advantage plans offered in MD are determined by your county, zip code, or service area. Maryland residents that live in Montgomery County, Hagerstown County, Salisbury County, may have different plan options than someone residing in Chestertown county, Annapolis County or Frederick County.

Residents in Maryland that have Medicare and Medicaid benefits may qualify for a Dual Special Needs plan if available. These are Medicare Advantage plans that also use your Medicaid benefits with the state. The DNSP plans available are determined by your county, zip code, or service area.

Maryland residents Stand Alone Part D prescription drug plans are offered throughout the entire state by various insurance carriers. In MD the Part D extra help program is called SPDAPD Or Maryland Senior Drug Assistance Program. To enroll in this program you must be currently enrolled in a Part D plan and show income less than $37,470 for an individual or $50,730 per couple.

Seniors For Medicare is available to answer any questions or help guide you with specific Medicare plans available in your county. Call 1-800-276-1753 to speak with a licensed specialist.

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