The Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Explained

Learn more about Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) and how it can help you!

Understanding Medicare Part D

Medicare prescription drug coverage or Part D offers comprehensive coverage for individuals requiring prescription drugs that also fit their unique needs and budget.

Anyone eligible and enrolled in Part A and B can also enroll in Part D. To join the plan, you must get insurance from a Medicare-approved company. Plans vary in cost and the types of medications, so make sure to choose your plan wisely.

Individuals who hold Part A and B and don’t have prescription drug coverage are eligible to enroll in the Part D plan. People who already have a credible drug plan and are eligible for the Original Medicare plan can keep their existing coverage without any extra cost. However, they can also decide to enroll in a Part D plan later.


Who is Eligible?

The eligibility criteria for enrolling in a Part D plan are quite simple. Anyone who doesn’t have a prescription plan or coverage but is getting Medicare Part A and Be benefits can enroll in the plan. As mentioned, people with credible drug coverage can keep that and enroll in Part D later.

However, if you don’t have a credible prescription plan and don’t get Medicare Part D, you’d have to pay a late enrollment penalty before deciding to get drug coverage.

What is Credible Coverage?

Some individuals receive a comprehensive drug coverage package as part of their pension scheme. These individuals wouldn’t normally be eligible to get Medicare Part D.

If a Medicare benefits recipient who is currently employed receives prescription coverage as part of their employment benefits, they wouldn’t be eligible for Medicare Part D.

Many unions also offer prescription drug packages for their retired members. These individuals would normally not be eligible for Medicare Part D.

Many Part C programs also include comprehensive prescription coverage. If you have such a plan, you would normally not be eligible for Part D.

Our Agents Can Help

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