Meet The Founder

When I first started nine years ago as a Medicare plan agent, so many things were confusing to me. So believe me, I understand everyone’s feeling of confusion trying to understand different Medicare plan benefits.

My very first client was so patient with me. I was new and inexperienced and certain questions I couldn’t answer. I was all over the place trying to find answers. I made calls to Medicare, Social Security, insurance companies and finally a week later, I came back with answers. Unfortunately she missed her enrollment period that month. This was a humbling experience to me and an eye opener. I thought to myself, here is someone who needed my help, but I didn’t have the answers on the tip of my tongue.

Then I realized my goal was to become an expert on Medicare related benefits. Not only did I work to achieve this but I made sure to affiliate with the top insurance carriers, leaving no stone unturned for my clients. Once I became knowledgeable on Medicare plans and was able to offer my professional guidance, everything changed. The appreciation and gratitude was infectious. This is when I became hooked.

Fast forward to today

Currently I am a mentor and coach to several independent insurance agents. Throughout the year I also personally help guide hundreds of seniors with their Medicare plan options. So I get to help a lot of amazing people. Yes when we write a policy the insurance carrier compensates us with a commission but this journey has become far more than that for me. It’s taken on a new meaning of being rewarded. To me being able to help someone is a big reward in itself.

I love what I do because I enjoy making a difference. This has been the key ingredient to my success.  If I can brighten someone’s day, by making this process a simple and pleasant experience for them, then that’s a successful formula for everyone.

The Best of Health to you

Paul Giordano

Senior Insurance Specialist

Let’s Talk about your Medicare options

YES, I would like to have a licensed insurance agent call or email me about Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans and/or Medicare Supplement Insurance.

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