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Medicare Support and Facilitation Contacts

Official Medicare Hotline

If you have any questions regarding Medicare plans, their coverage, costs and any other details, call the hotlines below. Those who don’t speak English or Spanish can connect directly with a customer service personnel by simply saying “agent”.

  • 1 800 633 4227
  • TTY 1 877 486 2048 or use the official website:  medicare.gov

SHIP: State Health-Insurance Assistance Program 
The below number provides you with complimentary Medicare guidance as well as support with the following:

  • Claims and Billing
  • Appeals and Information
  • Program Details for limited as well as low-income applicants
  • Additional Resources
  • Dial 1 800 MEDICAREfor contact details of state SHIP facilities.

Social Security

If you need to:

  • Have your Medicare card replaced
  • Have your address changed
  • Have your name changed
  • Obtain information on Part A/Part B with regards to eligibility
  • Obtain information on Part A/Part B with regards to entitlement
  • Obtain information on Part A/Part B with regards to enrollment
  • Apply for additional coverage or support regarding prescription drug payments
  • Request information regarding premiums
  • Report demise


Use the following numbers:

  • 1 800 772 1213
  • TTY 1 800 325 0778
  • ssa.gov

Benefits-Contractor Coordination
For information on the order of payment for insurance plans and to report changes in your insurance plans, use the following numbers:

  • 1 800 999 1118
  • TTY 1 800 318 8782

Dept. of Defense
For information on TRICARE for Life as well as on the TRICARE Pharmacy Program, use the contact details below:

Health & Human Service Dept.
Suspicious of insurance fraud? Use the below details to connect with the Office of the Inspector General:

Civil Rights Office
In case of discrimination or the violation of privacy, use the following numbers:

Veterans Affairs Dept.
If you are a veteran or are currently serving in the military, use the below numbers for help:

  • 1 800 827 1000
  • TTY 1 800 829 4833
  • va.gov

Personnel Management
Information about Federal Employee Health Benefits currently working as well as retired personnel can be found at:

Railroad-Retirement Board/RRB 
Those entitled to RRB benefit programs may:

  • Have your address changed
  • Have your name changed
  • Perform eligibility checks
  • Subscribe for Medicare
  • Have your card replaced
  • Report demise

To do so, connect with a professional using the details below:

  • Local RRB office or
  • 1 877 772 5772

Quality Improvement
If you have any questions or complaints regarding the quality of any given service covered under Medicare, dial 1800 MEDICARE for the contact details of quality improvement personnel.

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