Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Why choosing an agent to work with of course the first thing you want is someone you can trust. This is why we offer unbiased guidance based on your specific needs. You will make the decision, we are just a guide helping you distinguish between your options. As an example let’s say you are looking at 4 different plans with 4 different insurance carriers. If you are doing this on your own it could become an overwhelming task. Each insurance carrier cannot offer insight on those different plans because they manage and offer only their plans.

So how will you really know if you’re making the best decision, or if you overlooked something that can have potentially negative consequences. This is when having one of our agents offering expertise and guidance on these different plan choices, will help you sort out what option, best suits your needs.

The Benefits of Working With a Seniors For Medicare agent

We are your personal Medicare Insurance expert working with the top Insurance companies in the Medicare market. Simply put our expertise and guidance will save you time, money and help you make an effective decision on your plan. You will also make a new friend in the process. Since we work with all the different types of Medicare plans we can provide a true overall perspective of what options are available and will best suit your needs.

Client Advantage

When our clients receive this free service it is absolutely invaluable to them. So many Medicare recipients are left in the dark each year with certain plan changes that can lead to costly mistakes. They have no one to guide them and when you’re left with just the insurance carrier to talk to, it’s a recipe for more confusion and potential consequences.

The way we help guide you the first time with your plan is the same way we guide you each year. If you are on a Medicare supplement plan we will update you on any rate changes and any potential options. If you are on a Medicare Advantage plan we will update you on annual changes and other plan options if necessary. You will always have our guidance and expertise throughout the year.

Call us to get free guidance at (800) 276-1753.

Let’s Talk about your Medicare options

YES, I would like to have a licensed insurance agent call or email me about Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans and/or Medicare Supplement Insurance.

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